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888 Doubly Awarded at the ICE Totally Gaming Awards Ceremony

The ICE Totally Gaming Awards ceremony was recently held in London on January 23, 2012.   These awards were created for the purpose of recognizing and rewarding innovation in the gaming industry, as well as the services and products it offers.

While a number of online gaming providers walked away with ICE Totally Gaming awards, 888, one of the most popular internet gaming solutions and entertainment providers in the world, won two awards:  Best Online Gaming Product of the Year (awarded to and Best Online Casino of the Year (awarded to

888casino and 888poker have both reported significant growth in the past year in terms of new customers and profit.  They won the awards based on their strengthen brand awareness, drive to continue introducing innovative products, and retaining customer satisfaction.

888 Holdings Chief of Operations said that the ICE Totally Gaming awards 888casino and 888poker received were a wonderful accomplishment and recognizes every aspect of the company’s industry leading performance in 2011.