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New Free Play Facebook Blackjack Recently Lauched by ComTrade

Facebook users now have the chance to enjoy the classic casino game blackjack.  Known as Facebook Blackjack, this new game product was recently launched by ComTrade for the leading social media network site.  One of the main noteworthy features of the game is there is an option that allows players to play it for free.

ComTrade hopes that by launching the free blackjack game, it will generate the interest of many Facebook users and encourage them to play at Palaces Live Casino, which is the company’s primary goal.  ComTrade is very confident that their new game, which can be conveniently accessed and played via the social network giant, will be a successful marketing tool, as well as casino entertainment players are certain to enjoy.

ComTrade is well known for providing an extensive range of blackjack games that can be found at Palaces Live Casinos.