Isle of Man Could Change Gambling Laws

Gaming, Betting, Lotteries and Casino Acts could be changed to enable a host of live tournaments to take place.

The Department of Economic Development in the Isle of Man has announced that it is planning to amend its gambling laws to enable live tournaments to take place there.

The island, situated in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England, currently has well-developed gambling laws but live tournaments are restricted to a small number of venues.

The Isle of Man's Minister of Economic Development, John Shimmin said, “The department has discovered various opportunities to draw live gaming tournaments to the Island along with all other connected monetary benefits that they would bring in terms of increased bet nights, spend in the local economy and an increase in airline passengers.”

Changes made in gambling laws would allow the Isle of Man's Gambling Supervision Commission to issue wide range of temporary gaming licenses to gaming venues to hold live gaming tournaments.

The Commission has started this process by releasing a document for public consultation.