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29 Palms Band of Mission Debuts Second $25 Million Casino Facility

On December 13th, 2007, the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians showcase plans today for a $25 million casino resort and RV park to be constructed on its 160-acre land reservation. The tribe presented the economic impact of the casino facility to the Joshua Tree area and says it will create about 200 jobs.

Darrell Mike, the Chairman of the tribe that already manages Spotlight 29 casino facility near Coachella said that it will really help people that are looking for jobs in the area. The first part of the tribe's development includes the 60,000 square foot casino facility, a 100 space top of the line KOA RV campground and hiking areas.

Tribal members tried to answer the concerns of the residents about the pollution that it can cause in the area. Gary Kovall, the tribe attorney said that they are going to build the casino in a way that does not obscure the night sky. The second part of the development include 100 rooms, a resort hotel, 1,000 convention facility, merchandise center, golf courses and residential areas.

The Nuwu Casino facility, which has been named after Chemehuevi Indian word for "the people", will also feature blackjack, Texas Holdem machines and even slot machines. There are also plans for a bingo facility, restaurant and bar and an all you can eat buffet.

Aside from that, plans also include a 14,000 square foot bowling area and billiards room. The casino/resort facility and RV Park are expected to produce a lot of jobs and the sale of millions of dollars of merchandise by local businesses. Mike said that the Nuwu Casino Resort and RV park will really benefit the area and will give long term good effects to the economy of the region.


12/24/2007 07:17 PM
Ann Pettersson