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Apache Gold Casino Resorts Lay Off 45 Employees

On February 16th, 2009, tribal casino facilities in the United States under a different set of rules and regulations in the state in which they operate. That offers the belief that a lot of these casino facilities are doing well despite the ongoing financial crisis. Nothing could be farther from the reality and the San Carlos Apache Indian Tribe is showing evidence to that fact when they announced their plans to lay off employees at the Apache Gold Casino Resort.

The casino facility laid off forty-five employees and that is not only the steps that San Carlos Apache Tribe is taking to slash expenses. They also are shutting down their golf course near the casino facility and stopping all keno game. The condition of the economy is one of the main reasons for the big change. Nick Lamante said that Indian owned casinos are no different from any other casino facilities. Lamante added that people have no extra money to spend in casinos nowadays so it does not really matter who owns the casino.

The San Carlos Apache Indian Tribe is not the only tribal casino in Arizona that is reeling from the effects of the global financial crisis. Other casinos have also scaled down their employees and are planning on other ways to slash expenses while trying to survive the financial crisis. While other Indian Tribe casinos in the state have minimal employee layoffs, the San Carlos Apache Indian Tribe has made the biggest news with the amount of people that they laid off. The revenue for Indian Tribe casino has dropped substantially in the past year.


03/09/2009 19:43 PM
Davis Coulter