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Australian Productivity Commission Considers Online Gaming

On April 29th, 2009, after failing to find a means of blocking online gaming, Australia's Productivity Commission is considering licensing and regulation, a plan strongly approved by online casino gaming operator Betfair.

Australia approved its Interactive Gaming Act in 2001, enforcing a ban on online casinos and poker rooms. But as has been the case all over the world, the ban has proved useless.

Australian officials began drafting a plan to censor the World Wide Web to prevent the reception of inappropriate content like online gambling and pornography. But the plan did not push through, rejected by web providers, civil liberty groups and even anti-gaming supporter Senator Nick Xenophon.

Betfair is urging the productivity commission to recommend a regulating structure for licensed online gaming casino sites, stating that more than $300 million leaves Australia untaxed annually under the new law. According to Betfair's submission to the commission, players are playing in an unregulated environment, which offers them little protection.

The ban on interactive gaming to Australian has had minimum effect in blocking the immense growth of the Australian gaming market. Betfair also made some remarks Australia's allowing of online sports gaming, which forbids in-play betting. The organization said that there is no increased danger from wagering during a match, but not allowing sends the profits elswhere.


05/03/2009 20:20 PM
Ann Pettersson