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Download Instructions

Getting Started

Getting started couldn't be simpler. There are just five steps. For full details, there are comprehensive help files accessible from within the game:

  • Download the software
  • Read the Rules
  • Register
  • Set up the game
  • Play!
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    Download The Software

    Click on any of the Download buttons on this site and, within seconds, the File Download dialog will appear. Select "Open" and click OK.

    Once the download is complete, click the "Install" button and the Miss Bingo Downloader will download and install the remaining files.

    If you want to install later, just close the Miss Bingo Downloader dialog box. A Miss Bingo "Continue Setup" icon will be placed on your desktop. You can double-click this any time to continue the installation process.

    At the end of the installation, a Miss Bingo icon is placed on your desktop for easier access to the game. Double-click the Miss Bingo icon to start the game and enjoy!

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    Read The Rules

    These simple Rules tell you how Miss Bingo works and explain what can and can't be done. Read them to make sure you understand. A little time spent here now will help to make your time playing bingo more enjoyable.

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    When running the game for the first time, the Account Creation screen should appear automatically. If it does not, the login screen will appear. You should click the "Create Account" button which will open the Account Creation screen. Once you have registered an account, this button does not appear any more.

    You will be prompted to fill in some personal information that we need to create and manage your account. This information is kept strictly confidential; we do NOT share it with any third party company or organization. After completing the form, click Create to complete the creation of your personal account. Miss Bingo will assign you a unique username and send it to your e-mail address. Your password is used for login authentication. We suggest you write it down and keep it safe. It is very important that you fill the registration details in carefully. Without correct information we will be unable to pay your winnings. You will also be asked to choose a nickname. Your "nick" will be the name by which other players will recognise you in chat. Please ensure that your choice of 'nick' is not offensive to other players.

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    Setting Up the Game

    You have a number of options for configuring the game you wish to play. You will need to click on Options button to choose one of the following options; play the game in a window or in full screen mode; enable/disable auto daubing; choose the caller; and enable background music and sounds; choose your dauber shape and color; autosort your cards so that the card closest to bingo comes to the top; enable animation of the balls. Disabling animation may help if you have an older PC.

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    Playing the game

    During the installation process, a Miss Bingo icon would have been placed on your desktop. Just double-click the icon and the game will start. You must fund your account before you can buy cards. To fund your account, click on the Cashier button and follow the instructions. Once you have funds in your account, you have a number of ways in which to purchase cards. New image - screenshot of Quick Buy area if you want to get into the game quickly, just go to the Quick Buy section at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. There you can quickly buy as many cards as you like for the next game. The game pattern, card price, prize and jackpot are displayed as well as any bonus offers. If you would like to choose specific games and patterns, click on the Buy Cards button, find the games you want to buy into and click on the Buy button in the left hand column. You can then choose how many cards to buy for that game.

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    Bonus Games

    While you are playing bingo, why not play one of the bonus games which are built into your bingo game. Click on Slots or Scratch Cards for more chances of winning.

    You can also click on the "More Games" button to access four more great slots games:

    Jacks or Better - a four line video poker game

    Captain's Treasure - 5 reel multi-line slot

    Goblin's Cave - 3-Reel 3-Row Multispin Slot

    Ocean Princess - 3-Reel 5-Row Multispin Slots

    Fruit Mania - 5-Reel Slots with Progressive

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    By clicking on the Chat button you can open up a new, re-sizeable window in which you can join other players in chat. A range of shortcuts for commonly used phrases can be accessed from the menu at the bottom of the chat window as can smileys and other emoticons. You can also increase or decrease the type size by clicking on the + or - buttons. If you wish to talk to other players in private, double-click on their name will take them into a private chat room. You can have up to 4 private conversations at any one time. When in chat, please observe our guidelines to Chat Etiquette. Players who disregard these guidelines, may be removed from the chatroom.

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