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Casino in Sunridge Petitions Planning Commission For 100 Foot Height Variance

On December 9th, 2007, developers of a proposed casino facility and a three hundred room hotel in north Douglas County will petition the Douglas County Planning Commission to pass the 100 foot height variance for the second phase of the project this week.

It could be a vicious battle for approval of the height variance, which community development officials commented does not pass the findings. Associate Planner Brandy Fox McMahon said that the location is not narrow does not have any geographical conditions that make difficulties for the applicant. Placed on the southeast corner of Highway 395 and South Sunridge Drive, the forty-five acre Goldtown Casino project will be constructed in two phases.

Max Baer's Beverly Hillbillies casino is located on the north area of Indian Hills near the Douglas county line. The first part of the project includes a hotel facility and 92,000 square feet of casino area, 50,000 square feet of retail outlet, restaurants and convention area. Expenses are estimated at $125 million for the 1st phase of the project.

The second part of the project includes a parking area, conference area, event facility, casino expansion, merchandise space, health spa and wellness center. Zoning for the casino project was given the go signal by the Board of Commissioner about fifteen years ago. The commissioners subsequently denied a petition for the special use permit in a three-two vote, the decision based on fears that a casino facility was not appropriate for the residential neighborhood.

The residents at that time voiced their apprehension about the need for improved fire protection, emergency medical services as well as the effect on air quality, traffic, water and crime. The Developers of the Las Vegas Paving Corporation challenged that decision and won. District Court Judge Dave Gamble required the county to issue some permit.

According to the District Attorney's office, the court decided that the special permit for the project is still legal. The allowable height in the commercial and tourist zoning districts is forty-five feet. The District Court said that a casino-hotel could be build with the approved casino plans that show the height of fifty-three feet and architectural projections with the height of sixty four feet. Brownstone GoldTown LLC is working with pre-development and financing proposals. The project is a collaboration with RFG Gaming and Hospitality.


12/27/2007 07:25 PM
Ann Pettersson