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Gov. Patrick of Massachussetts Asks for More Time On Casino Issue

On September 4th, 2007, Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, who spent majority of August on Vacation, said that he needs an addition two weeks more to decide if he is in favor of casino gaming in the state.

Patrick, whose consent is vital for two Indian tribes that are planning to build casino resorts, said that he has finished reading the study regarding casino gaming bur he needs more time. He said that he is not trying to be difficult but he wants to talk to some people before making a final decision.

Earlier, Patrick said that he will decide on the issue by Labor Day. Gov. Patrick said that the recent leadership problem in the Mashpee Tribe did not contribute to the delay of his decision. He said that he is concern about the leadership issue but it is not a factor on his decision.

Shawn Hendricks replaced Glenn Marshall as the head of the Mashpee Tribe after it was found out that Marshall lied to Congress about his performance in Vietnam and that he was convicted of rape in 1981.

The Mashpee Tribe wants to build a $1 billion casino in Middleborough. The Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe said that they will also build a casino if the Mashpee Tribe pursues their casino plans.

Patrick also explained that even though he has an extended vacation at his summer home in Richmond, it was a working vacation. He said that aside from having an extra time to sleep, he was able to work on several different issues.


10/09/2007 03:28 PM
Richard Kennedy