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Governor Charlie Crist Disappointed in Legislature's Lack of Action in the Seminole Gaming Compact

On January 12th, 2009, Governor Charlie Crist criticized the state legislators for not finalizing a gaming agreement with the Seminole Tribe; something he said should have been done during the special state legislature session that ends on Wednesday. Crist said that he is very disappointed in some things regarding the legislative agreement, to resolve a $2 to $3 billion state budget deficit. He said that he is disappointed that they were not able to convince the members of the state House and Senate to resolve the Seminole Indian Tribe gambling compact.

The gambling compact would have helped resolve or even soften the impact of the budget deficit with the more than $130 million that the state will receive from the tribe. He remains optimistic that it will be accomplished in March but he thinks that it should be accomplished now. Governor Charlie Crist signed a gambling compact with the Seminole Tribe allowing Las Vegas style slot machines and baccarat and blackjack games at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and six other casino resorts of the tribe in exchange for at least $100 million in tax payments yearly.

But the gaming compact was cancelled by the Florida state Supreme Court, which stated that Governor Crist needed the legislature's approval for the gambling compact.


02/05/2009 19:02 PM
Richard Kennedy