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Kansas Lottery Commission to Look for New Casino Bidders for Casinos

The Lottery Commission of the state of Kansas must be hopeful that they are going to find the right group to construct a casino facility in south of Wichita. The Commission will decide on whether or not to re-start the bidding process to manage the casino in Wichita on April 19th, 2010.

For the past years, the Kansas casino industry has been in trouble. Although state voters approved the construction of four state-owned casino facilities over three years, only one casino is operation, which is in Dodge City. The economic crisis has been blamed for the numerous mistakes that have been made regarding the casino plan.

The most recent event to disturb the casino issue happened earlier in April 2010 when the Chisholm Creek group decided to pull out of their agreement to construct a casino facility near Mulvane.

The Chisholm Creek group petitioned the state for more time, with the intention on waiting to see if Kansas legislators changed the casino investment requirements for other casino projects.

When Kansas denied the request of the group for a postponement, the group pulled out of the agreement. Now, the Kansas Lottery Commission is considering accepting casino applications once again, many of the developers who pass proposals the last time would likely bid again, although it is widely expected that the casino proposals would be scaled back from the previous proposals.

If approved, the Commission would grant the applicants 90 days to submit their bids. The Commission would then study the bids and decide which would be most favorable to Kansas and the area where the casino facility will be constructed.

Casino developers have been slow to lobby a deal in which the state and not the casino developer, owns the casino facilities. That has caused some of the most well-known casino groups to stay out of the Kansas casino bidding process.


05/05/2010 13:08 PM
Richard Kennedy