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Kentucky Lawmakers Debates on the Merits of Expanded Gambling on State Tracks

Tom Buford, the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee Chairman, is one the other part of the debate. Chairman Buford has support expanded gaming at tracks in the past like in the Churchill Downs, but he is facing a tough opponent in Chad Crouch, a well-known critic of any expanded gambling.

Kentucky legislators have been at odds over the gambling issue for most part of last year. Gov. Steve Beshear has campaigned for more gambling in the state, but lawmakers have this idea dismissed. The state horse racing tracks desperately need help and Gov. Beshear believes that slot machines would help not only the racing tracks but also Kentucky.

The state legislature has yet to agree on a state budget and that issue may weigh heavily on the minds of state voters that will go to the polls on May 18th, 2010. The Kentucky Derby was held a few weeks ago under unreasonable weather conditions.

The derby has attracted few visitors for a several years in a row now, and being considered as the premiere horse race at Churchill Downs, that does not indicate well for the future of the Kentucky horse racing industry.

The Kentucky House is controlled by the Democrats while the Kentucky Senate is controlled by the Republicans. The Senate has a twenty-seventeen majority in favor of the Republicans which means that some changes on Tuesday could lead to both the Senate and the House to be under the full control of the Democrats.

One of the main battles that will play out on Tuesday will be in Lexington where Andy Roberts has launched a full scale attack on Sen. Alic Forgy Kerr (Republican) for Kerr's refusal to support gaming at horse racing tracks.

Robert has used his pro-gambling support to boost his campaign, receiving the backing of the horse racing industry in Kentucky.


Author: Ann Pettersson
07/25/2010 14:26 PM