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Kentucky Supreme Court Postpones Decision on Online Gaming Domain Names Seizure Case

While Kentucky legislators debate the idea of expanding gambling at state racing tracks, there is still a pending gambling related case before the Kentucky Supreme Court. The decision was expected on January 21st, 2010.

However, the date came and went by without a decision from the Supreme Court. Now, according to Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association Chairman Joe Brennan, a decision may not come in the issue until late March 2010. Governor Steve Beshear tried to confiscate the domain names of 141 online casino sites last year.

His attempt was overturned by an Appeals Court late in the year and the Kentucky governor immediately took the case to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Brennan said that everyone in Kentucky was surprised about the postponement of the decision. Brennan added that could have been the reason why the state's lawyers acted quickly at the end of December 2009 so that if they got a decision that does not favor them, they could keep the case alive.

March 18th, 2010 now becomes the key date in the issue. That is the next date that the Kentucky Supreme Court will give their decisions on cases. If the opinion does not come down in March 2010, there are dates scheduled for April, May, June and August 2010.

In the meantime, Kentucky legislators have dismissed a bill that would have installed slot machines at state racetracks. Kentucky's racing tracks have been in deep financial trouble for several years and some legislators, including Governor Steve Beshear, are pushing for slot machines to help the racing tracks recover from their financial problems.


02/11/2010 11:41 PM
Davis Coulter