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Las Vegas Strip's Cosmopolitan Casino Resort

Atlantic City and Las Vegas were always the barometer by which other gaming locations have been measured. However, in the past few years, the drop-off in gambling business in these two cities has been a big problem for both Nevada and New Jersey. In Las Vegas Strip, several new casino projects were supposed to improve business and attract customers to the Strip.

The first of those gaming projects was CityCenter, which was a joint collaboration of Dubai World and MGM Mirage. The second of these casino projects is the Cosmopolitan.

After several days, the Chief Executive Officer of Cosmopolitan has revealed that the casino facility will be open in December 2010. Although the resort will be open to the public, 1/3 of the rooms at the hotel will not be in use. It will be finished at a later date.

The project should give some light on what has been a challenging time for Las Vegas. Cosmopolitan will feature a spa, convention area, 13 restaurants, a nightclub, retail stores and a casino.

Cosmopolitan CEO John Unwin said on April 7th, 2010 that this changes how a major casino project in the Strip is set-up. Unwin added that it is still big, but it is not 15 minutes in terms of exploring the casino.

The Cosmopolitan will be constructed near CityCenter, with the two newest casinos playing a big role in whether or not Las Vegas can ever get their players back. That may be a difficult goal considering the gaming expansion that is taking place across the United States.

The state of California has made a big push to lure gamblers from the West Coast of the United State. In the East, the states of Delaware, Florida and Pennsylvania have made important strides in introducing full-scale casino gambling to their states.


05/02/2010 13:06 PM
Ann Pettersson