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The Seneca Tribe Continues to Manage Casino Despite Judge Skretny's Decision

The slot machines continued to function and make some cash at the Seneca Casino but new doubts surround Seneca Indian Buffalo casino after the latest decision by the federal court. On August 27th, 2008, critics of the Buffalo casino were happy with the decision of U.S. District Judge William Skretny that gambling on the Seneca property in Buffalo were illegal. The critics said that the federal commission that oversees Indian gaming must compel the Seneca Tribe to shutdown their Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino.

The judge ordered the National Indian Gaming commission to decide on whether the shutdown of the casino is required. Judge Skretny expressed his frustration with the Indian gambling commission's inaction regarding his ruling. He said that the Buffalo casino was operating illegally. Skretny said that federal law compels the gaming commission to take action regarding the Seneca issue in light of his July 8th, 2008 decision.

Seneca Nation officials-including the Seneca Tribe's president, Maurice A. John and the head of its gambling corporation, Barry Snyder disagree with Skretny's views. They are disappointed with the decision of Skretny but said that they view it as just one of the problems that they will encounter in a long court battle. Snyder said that they will continue to keep their temporary casino on Michigan Avenue open unless the gaming commission orders the Seneca Tribe to close it down.

Kevin Seneca, the Seneca Tribe's treasurer said that the construction of the $333 million permanent casino facility of the Seneca Tribe will continue for the time being. The spokesperson for the gaming commission, Shawn D. Pensoneau said that they are still reviewing the issue so they will not yet make a decision on the matter.


09/16/2008 07:56 PM
Richard Kennedy