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Learn how to play slot machines - beat the online slots and win

Most 'expert' gamblers tend to look down on the slots machines. This craps or blackjack players tend to think that slots machines have very little to offer and can not generate real profit. Of course these 'experts' are completely wrong, mostly because the just do not know how to win at slots. In fact, they can easily be one of the most profitable and low-risk casino games if you know how to play slot machines. Unlike craps or roulette, slots players can play the game with leisure and enjoy it, without the pressure and focus needed to spot the 'right' time to bet on a roulette spin or a crap shoot. Unlike blackjack players, slot machine players can player naturally and in privacy not minding the casino or taking any legal risks. After reading this article you will not only know how to play slot machines better, but you will also learn how to beat the slot machines and have fun while winning.

The two most important things you need to learn about how to play slot machines correctly is money management and machine selection. Choosing a slots machine is quite easy and it is vital if you are planning to win. Today's casinos are obligated to post the payout percentages of each slot machine right next to it. The next time you walk in a casino, or log in to your favorite online casino, check each slot machine before picking one and find the one that offers the highest payouts and fits your bankroll. At this point stay away from progressive slot machines and other new variations. They require a larger bankroll and more attention. Stick to the regular or bonus machines that give excellent payouts and fit your pocket. Many players who do not know how to play slot machines lose a lot of money just for playing the wrong machines.

Money management is the most important part of your strategy to win at slots. When someone says he knows how to beat the slot machines he usually means he is very good at managing his money. If you plan your slots investment incorrectly you might lose more money than you can afford and miss out on your winning spins. Running out of money on a slots machine just to watch the next guy picking up your investment and taking the jackpot can be a very painful experience. First choose which slots machine denomination is the right for you. This decision should be based mostly on what feels comfortable and your starting funds. Choosing the right slots machine denomination should be made based on your bankroll, the time you plan to spend each day on slots gambling and the amount of days you are going to play.

For instance - an online casino player that plays 4 days a week, 3 hours a day and plans to put 150 dollars into each slots session. This means he can afford to play 50 dollars an hour. Of course such a sum is too big for the nickel machines and too small for the dollar machines. This leaves him with the quarter machines. An important part of how to play online slots is to know when to leave. Most bad players do not know to quit when they are ahead. This is why it is very important to keep track of the credit meter. You will know when the credit meter is activated by the light bulb next to it. If it is on it will show you how many credits you have in the game. Also remember to always play the maximal possible bet in your slots machine. Playing always the maximal bet increases your profits incredibly, just because there are many slots machines that pay certain rolls only for certain bets. Placing always the maximal bet increases your opportunities to win. The second you are ahead in the game and won a nice amount of money (nice does not necessarily mean the big jackpot but about 30-50% of your initial bankroll) cash out the slots machine and quit the casino immediately. Be sure to collect all your winnings and never leave a machine without pressing the cash-out button, even if you think you are losing. Also, never play with the credits you won. This is a sure way to lose all your slots winnings again.

Now that you know how to play slot machines, be sure to follow this strategy strictly. Never advance to more expensive machines unless you have the bankroll to support it and always quit while you ahead. Remember, the most important part of slots is to have fun. If you do not enjoy playing slots, do not play it only as a way to win at slots. there is no easy way to beat the slot machines.

Written by George Jackson, Editor.

January 8, 2006