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Tulalip Casino Grows Despite Financial Crisis

While casino facilities across the United States are experiencing difficulties because of the financial crisis and the meltdown of the credit market, the Tulalip Resort Casino in Washington continues to improve because of an unlikely source. Canadian players are crossing the border and spending their casino gaming money at the Tulalip Casino.

Ken Kettler, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Tulalip said on June 15th, 2009 that they manage a significant amount of business with players coming from Vancouver and British Columbia. He added that this is the casino's first full year of gaming operation and once players experienced what the Tulalip casino has to offer, they keep on coming back. But Canada is not the only source of customers for the Tulalip casino.

The gaming facility is located in near proximity to Seattle, which means that the casino is drawing players from some parts of the United States as well. The resort has only been opened to the public since June 2008 but already it is developing a formidable gaming clientele. A lot of regular players can be found at facility and the resort is good enough that families can also enjoy the different entertainment options. While the Tulalip casino thrives, other casino facilities in the US are having a hard time.

The financial crisis has caused a lot of people in the United States to cut back on their discretionary spending. With families, most of these individuals have chosen to spend their extra money on movies or dinner and have cut back going to casino facilities.

The Las Vegas strip and Atlantic City, the two city's where casino gaming is most prevalent in the country, have significant losses in their gaming figures. Major casino organizations have already gone bankrupt and other casinos may soon follow if the situation does not improve.


07/21/2009 21:44 PM
Davis Coulter