Virgin Casino launches Crazy Slots

Virgin Casino released an unusual new slot on the first Wednesday in 2012.

Virgin Casino's latest release, Crazy Slots, is “a fun game of chance and strategy”. At the start, a master reel spins to show three symbols. Players choose one of four three reel slots in which to place the master reel combination.

A new combination then appears on the master reel, and the player repeats that step. Players must strategically choose their slot positions to make winning combinations. The points are counted and prize awarded after 12 combinations.

Crazy Slots also has great bonus features. Nine identical symbols in a slot awards 200 bonus points. Three Crazy Slot symbols on a payline triggers the Crazy Slots free spins feature. If three or four slots contain a winning combination, the total points are multiplied by 1.5 and 2 respectively.

Each slot has five fixed and active paylines, with symbols including Bell, Blue 7, Melon and Cherries. The Bell awards 120 points for a winning combination and Cherries pays 20 points. At least 100 points have to be accumulated for a payout.