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Online Casinos Blackjack Rules Guide

In this guide we will detail all of the Blackjack rules, so later on you can play the online and casino Blackjack game easily.

The goal of the online Blackjack is the same for any game, and has not changed throughout Blackjack history. This is to reach the number 21, or the closest number below it, with your cards value, before the dealer does.

Getting Started

The first step you need to make in online casinos Blackjack is to place an initial bet. The sum of the bet is not determined in Blackjack rules, so you need to choose the amount you feel suited. Usually the starting bet is smaller that the other bets throughout the game.

According to Blackjack rules, all bets are made before the first two cards are dealt.

The Deal

The online casinos dealer deals two cards for himself and two for you. One of his cards is face down while the other is face up. The dealer draws is his two cards sum up to below 16, and he stands if his cards sum up to 17 or higher.

To draw is to take out another card, and to stand is to stop drawing cards and to wait and see which player has the closest cards to 21.

The cards are ranked like so:

  • Number cards are ranked by their digit according to Blackjack rules. This way the card "7" is worth 7 points.
  • Picture cards are worth 10. For example, The Jack of hearts is worth 10.
  • Aces are either worth 11 or 1, according to the player's preference.

Declaring the Winner

If an online casinos player passes 21 with his cards, he instantly loses. If both the player and the dealer do this, or bust, the dealer wins.

If the dealer stands with 17, and you stand at 18, then you win, because your score is closer to 21.

Next is the different playing options we have not yet explained about Blackjack as it is played in the top ten online casinos.

Splitting is making two separate hands out of a pair by matching the original bet, and adding to it another bet. This is another unique online casino feature.

Doubling down - A unique feature of online casinos Blackjack rules which gives you the option to double the original bet and receive only one more card before standing.

Surrendering - This is another one of the Blackjack rules that allows you to forfeit one half of your original bet and drop your hand.

Insurance is a hedge bet that occurs when the online casinos dealer has an ace among his cards.

Donald Prempton, Editorial Staff