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Online Casinos Poker Rules Guide

To learn casinos and online casinos poker rules, you don’t have to be a genius, you just need to be familiarized with the goal of poker, the different play options, the stages of poker, and how betting is done. After this guide you'll be able to play the game on any online casino, when of course the preferred option is to find the best online casino of them all.

The object of online casinos poker is to win the pot, either by having the best five card hand during the final stage of the game, a.k.a the showdown , or by having all the other poker players folding their hands.

Poker variations - There as several poker variations to choose from, each one with their own online casinos poker rules. These include Texas Hold'em poker, seven card stud poker, five card draw poker, and Omaha poker. Once you know one variation of poker rules, it's easy to learn other online poker rules, even through the playing of the game.

Poker blinds and antes - Some online casinos poker games, such as Texas Hold'em poker, that use community cards that are shared by all the players, have poker rules for the initial bets that need to be placed before the game can start. These are called blind bets. Usually two blind bets are made before any poker cards are dealt, and the role of placing the blind bets rotates around the poker table.

Antes are similar to blinds, and they have similar poker rules, only they are bets made for non-community card poker games, such as seven card stud, and they are placed by each player before the cards are dealt.

Play actions - In a typical poker game, players can:

  • Call – Add the same amount of wager as the previous player did.
  • Check – Stay in the game without putting any more money in. Checking is available when no other player had placed a bet. This action is available from the second round of betting.
  • Raise – Add the amount wagered before plus another sum, at least equal to the previous raise.

When an online casinos poker game begins, cards are dealt to each player. Every stage of online poker rules requires that all the players have equal bets by the end of the round.

After all the online casinos' cards are dealt and all the betting round have ended, comes the showdown, when all the remaining players that haven’t folded show their cards, and the winner with the best hand is declared. The showdown has been known throughout poker history as the most intensive and excitimg part of poker.

Jeremy Evans - Strategy Advisor