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Online Casinos Slots Rules Guide

When you set out to learn online or casino slots rules, you need to learn the different game variation, the winning options and the slots lingo. We will cover all of these subjects in this guide, so you'll be ready to play the game in any of our listed popular online casinos. Online slots rules are the easiest casino game rules, so you should expect to learn them in no time.

The Object of slots is to get the right combination of symbols in a row, and win the jackpot.

To play the game, you have to follow these easy steps:

  • first need to place your bet and insert coins into the slot machine.
  • Next you need to press the button to make the reels spin, and find out whether they come out with a winning payline.

The Slot Machine Structure

The slot machine has three parts you need to know about to understand slots rules:

  • Reels - The slot machine display shows several reels, usually three, on which the symbols appear. Different slots rules have different types of reels. Sometimes there are 5 reels, and there is even a game with 9 reels. During the game of slots the reels spin until all of them stop. The outcome of the slots round is determined by the final symbols that are shown in each of the reels.
  • Paylines - The slots paylines are the lines of symbols that determine whether you won or not. Some slots games have a single line while others have multi-lines. With multi-lines slots rules you make a wager for each line you bet on. This means your bet increases, but you have more combinations for winning. For some games you can also choose the number of lines you wager on, and bet between 1 of them and all of them. Multi line games have more advanced slots rules that single line ones, but they are also more fun to play because you have more betting options as a player.
  • Paytable - The slots paytable show the slots rules for winning money. For example, a slots paytable can show that if you get a line with three hearts, you win 100 X your initial bet.

Placing Bets

When you are placing slots bets, you need to follow the proper slots rules. During the game, you must use coins in order to place the bet. The minimum bet ranges through different slots variations, but usually the minimum sum stands at $0.1. The betting increments are also in that sum of $0.1, so a player can place a $0.1 bet, $0.2, etc… The betting maximum sum also differs, and ranges between $5 for most games, up to $120 for high stakes games.

You can usually place up to 3 coins per spin, even though some games allow a bet of 5 or more coins.

Spinning the Reels

After you finish placing the bet, press the spin button. The reels will spin until they stop at the final symbols. The game will now show you your winning lines according to the slots rules of the paytable.

Special Slots Rules

Wild symbols - Some slots games include special slots rules, that set one of the symbols as wild cards. These symbols are used to complete winning paylines. For example, If you get two hearts and a wild symbol, you will win the cash for the three hearts payline.

Scatter pay - This option is available for some slots rules in major online casinos, in which a player can reach a winning combination without having to spin the symbols in one line. An example can be that 4 aces need to appear on different parts of the slots reels. Scatter pay allows you to get a bonus round and spin the wheel for free.

Slot Game Buttons

Bet max - Betting max means you place the maximum number of coins on the paylines you chose. This maximum wager is determined by the online casino's slots rules.

All lines - This option means you wager a bet on all of the paylines available.

Bet per line - This is where you determine how much to bet on each of the paylines.

Hold - The hold option is taken from video poker and is used in slots rules to keep a reel fixed on a symbol. This is available on two spin games, where the player spins the reels, then chooses whether to hold one or more of the reels, and spins again.

Types of Slots

Progressive slots games are slots games that have an accumulated jackpot, that gains in value as more players participate. To be able to play for the largest progressive jackpot you usually need to place the highest bet with the maximum number of coins.

Non-progressive slots have jackpots that are not accumulated over time, and this means there is a higher rate of winning games. Non- progressive slots have been available longer that progressive slots, but lately have lost the popularity they had in slots history. Both types of slots still use the same slots rules in various online casinos, so don’t be intimidated to play either one of them.

Ron Schneider, Editor. June 13, 2006.