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Experience Great Game Thrills with Casino War Online

Casino War online is a fun game to play if you're looking for something different to try in addition to the other popular gambling games on the web.  If this game sounds familiar to you, chances are it does because you likely played it before when you were a kid.

Online casino war is based on the classic card game War.  This is a very easy and straightforward game. To win, you simply need to have a card that outranks your opponents.  All that is required of you is to flip over your card.  If it is a higher ranking card, you win!

The casino war online game is super easy to play and learn.  In fact, it is probably one of the easiest games you will come across on the web, even easier than playing slots!  You don't need to worry about complex rules, memorizing a strategy chart, or finding killer tactics.  Just like the normal game on which it is based, you win by having the best card.  The one major difference being, of course, that you don’t just claim a victory over the computer- you also win money!

Since the rules for this card game can be literally learned in seconds, all that really needs to be understood is the way the bets work.  There are three wagers you can make playing Casino War online.  These include an ante bet, raise bet, and tie bet. The ante bet must be made before the game commences.

The card ranking system that is used to determine what card outranks another follows standard poker rules.  For instance, an Ace is the highest card that beats everything. This is followed by King, Queen, Jack, 10 and so on with the card that has the numerical value of 2 being the lowest.

In the event a tie occurs during the game, and both you and the dealer have the same card, you are faced with two options. You can choose to surrender or you can choose to go to war.  Surrendering will cause you to sacrifice half of your ante bet and the game will come to an end.  However, if you decide on war, more cards will be dealt and the battle to have the highest ranking card will begin again.

Casino War online game entertainment can be found at a good number of virtual casinos. To quickly find out where the best places are that you can play on the web, check out a casino guide or game directory.  In addition, some gaming sites offer the game to play for fun.

Online casino war is a fast and fun way to experience a no-nonsense gambling victory.