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History of Slots

Charles Fey's Liberty Bell Thanks to online casinos the slots are popular today more than ever before, but few people know how far back slots really go. The history of slots started in San Francisco, US at the year 1887, without a doubt a really long time ago. The first slots machine has been constructed by a 29 year old engineer and mechanic Charles Fey.

Fey has constructed in his small workshop a slots machine that surprisingly weren't that different from the slots machines we know today. Fey has constructed his first machines himself by hand and placed them in San Francisco's gambling halls and saloons. Fey hasn't sold the machines but placed them on a shared profit basis. Fey was collecting 50% of the profits from each machine and so became not only the first slots machine manufacture but also the first slots operator.

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The first machine Fey has constructed was called the Liberty Bell. This machine was very similar to our modern slots machines with one main difference - it had no bar or fruit symbols. The symbols that were used in the first slots machines were the familiar playing cards symbols - hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds and also horseshoes, bells and stars which are all symbols of luck. You can still find the Liberty Bell at the Liberty Bell Saloon in Reno, Nevada which is owned by Fey's linage.

Donald Prempton, Editorial Staff

October 23, 2005