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New Keno Game at WinADay

The brand new keno game takes WinADay's tally of unique games to thirty.

Keno 101 is the newly launched Keno game from and provides the perfect contrast to the steam-punk-theme of WinADay's original Keno game.

Traditional Keno fans will love the classic style and design of Keno 101. Players choose up to 15 numbers, with payouts based on how many match the Keno ticket numbers.

Passionate keno player Georgia T. offers a tip in her "Keno Tips" column on WinADay's Facebook page, saying, “My strategy is to play about 5 numbers. Getting 5 out of 5 carries a 1 in 1,551 chance of a jackpot. Plus you get payoffs for getting 1, 2, 3 & 4 out of 5.”

WinADay now has 30 unique games, including two Keno games, two Roulette games, six video poker games and 20 slots. A new pet-themed slot will be released this summer.

Most of the slots are connected to one progressive jackpot, currently worth over $135,000. The last jackpot winner was in February, when Vera M won a record $255,362 on the Chinatown slot.