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Greektown Finishes Outside Exterior of Hotel Facility

On July 30th, 2008, thirty stories of blue windows have been added to the skyline of Detroit. They make up the outside of the hotel of Greektown Casino, which celebrated the final pour of the concrete to the thirty story, four hundred room hotel currently under construction. The top-off signals the completion of the exterior part of Greektown's hotel structure and finishing the interior of the facility, which will open in early 2009. Workers celebrated at the Greektown parking garage by sharing cheese steak, chips, soda and bottled water.

Thirty-four year old Gerod Chapple, a construction worker who is doing the tile work in the casino said that he is happy with the result of their project. The owner of the Greektown Casino, Marvin Beatty commented that the employees and construction workers are happy with the progress of the project.

He added that when the whole hotel is finished, Greektown will be an urban casino and they will be able to offer their customers a one-of-a kind experience. Workers will finish the hotel rooms, hallways, lobby and a meeting area. The top-off of the casino will signal the beginning of the interior work by the painters and drywall hangers.

The expanded gambling floor will be completed on August 2008. The brand new casino and hotel facility will feature a multi-purpose theater, buffet, three establishments and a twenty-five thousand square feet of additional gambling space. Greektown, which is currently under the Chapter Eleven bankruptcy, will spend $500 million for the brand new hotel and casino facility.

Greektown Casino can be found at 555 E. Lafayette Avenue in the Greektown Entertainment District of Detroit and offer more than 2,300 slot machines and seventy casino table games in 75,000 square feet of gambling space.


08/24/2008 04:41 PM
Davis Coulter