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Missouri Legislators Discusses House Bill 1194

Legislators in the state of Missouri want to make sure that those parents who do not properly pay their child support obligations do not have the chance to gamble that money. The Missouri House is discussing the merits of the plan to ban irresponsible parents from entering Missouri casinos on April 14th, 2010.

The early indications from the Missouri House is that the proposal requiring that parents who do not pay their child support obligations be blocked from entering casino facilities will be approved.

The initial round of voting is finish and now the Bill must pass 2nd vote before the Senate discuss the legislation. The clause to ban irresponsible parents from casino facilities was added to House Bill 1194 (HB 1194).

The original proposal would permit gamblers to use their tokens to pay for food and beverages at casino facilities. It is regarded as an option to make things simpler for both the players and the casino facilities. The child-support clause is one that has been effectively utilized in other states. In some U.S. states, parents owing child support payments would be banned from winning slot machine jackpots.

If a player wins a jackpot, casino employees would check their name in a database to see if they owed some child support. The new gaming proposal in Missouri would block players from even entering the casino premises if they have a felony conviction for owing child support. A decision on the bill should come later this week or early next week.


04/29/2010 13:04 PM
Richard Kennedy