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Pennsylvania Gaming Regulators to Inspect Casinos Before Casino Table Games Launch

Casino table games will be coming into Pennsylvania casino facilities within the next few weeks. However, before any of the casino facilities formally open their casino tables to gamer, state regulators will test the games first.

State rules states that gaming regulators must participate in a test run with the casino table games. The regulators will then observe how the games are managed by the dealers and give their final approval to casino facilities. It is a practice that happens in every state that offers casino gaming.

The Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racecourse will get their turn on July 11th, 2010. Gaming inspectors will play casino table games for eight hours. Once the inspection is finish, the table games wagering can officially start at the casino on July 13th, 2010. Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz said that while Pennsylvania casinos are very excited about the table games, they must make sure that their operations follows state standards.

Schwartz added that any problem could cost them thousands of dollars in lost revenue should the state regulators decided that the games are not ready for players. Pennsylvania casino facilities may competing with one another on who will attract the most players but they are also working together to surpass the casino industry in Atlantic City.

The casino industry in Pennsylvania already surpassed Atlantic City casinos in slot machine revenue results in December 2009 and now they are aiming to become the gaming capital of the northeast.

For Pennsylvania residents, the new casino table games will produce thousands of new jobs. The state will earn millions of dollars in tax gaming revenue that will be use to balance the state budget.


By Richard Kennedy,
07/18/2010 14:24 PM