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Pittsburgh Teams and Barden Resolve Differences

On November 3rd, 2007, the owner of Pittsburgh's proposed slots casino has solved the traffic dispute with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers. Both sides had filed appeals commented that a traffic study passed by the Detroit casino facility owner Don Barden undermined the traffic effects of the new casino during game day at the PNC Park and the Heinz Field.

The Majestic Star Casino is to be constructed near the stadium of both the teams. But the Allegheny County Judge Joseph James, who mediated between the organizations said that both the casinos have resolved the problems between them.

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers and Don Barden agreed to share the expenses of hiring additional police officers who will direct traffic during game day and with Philadelphia's help, construct a pedestrian bridge from Heinz Field to the parking area of the casino.

The traffic plans also calls for more traffic signs on the West End Bridge, so the traffic can be re-directed one area toward the teams' stadium before the games and away from the stadiums after game day.

The spokesperson for Don Barden's PITG Gaming Corporation Bob Oltmanns commented that the agreement means that the casino could be built by next month. He added that the construction will take about sixteen months.


11/18/2007 05:42 PM
Ann Pettersson