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Plympton Selectmen States their Concerns About Mashpee Casino to the Bureau of Indian Affairs

On April 10th, 2008, the Selectmen of Plympton have a lot of questions to ask the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Bureau is currently preparing an environmental impact view on the ongoing casino construction of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe on one hundred acres of land in Middleborough.

Some of the questions that wrere prepared by the Anti-Casino Task Force to the Bureau of Indian Affairs include the number of cars that will be travelling to the establishment, the amount greenhouse gases that the cars will produce, the police officers that will be on duty to ensure peace and security in the area and many others.

Selectman John Henry commented that the letter pretty much covered everything. They are also encouraging residents to send letters stating their concerns about the casino facility to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Henry added that one of the biggest concerns regarding the project is the absence of conclusive information regarding the project. He added that they will also be talking to Senators Edward Kennedy and John Kerry and Representative William Delahunt to express their doubts about the project.

The Plympton Selectmen were also concerned about the effect of the casino to the economy of the area and if it will edge out other small businesses in the area and how many jobs the casino will create for the residents of the area. The letter also states that Plympton is not ready to handle the additional burden to the police department, schools and establishments that the casino will bring. The Plympton Selectman is also concern on how the casino will affect the environment of the area especially on the Nemasket River Herring Run.


04/23/2008 01:37 PM
Ann Pettersson