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Recreational Gambling Association Pushes for Online Casino Gaming in Washington

California has been one of the most progressive states in the US when it comes to improving their casino gaming market. Because of the rapid growth of gambling in California, other states in the western portion of the US are now taking the necessary steps to improve their own gambling markets.

Legislators in Washington have not yet pushed for any significant changes to their casino gaming industry structure but if the Recreational Gambling Association (RGA) will have their way, gambling expansion may be coming to Washington soon.

The group has officially released details on March 17th, 2011 of how Washington could earn more than $100 million dollars in the 1st year if legislators approved electronic gaming machines in state casinos. Currently, the machines are only allowed tribal gaming facilities in Washington.

The group said that if each land-based casino facility offers 125 gambling machines, the state would earn more than $150 million dollars in the 1st year in taxes on the gambling machines.

Those results may be too big for legislators to ignore. The state of Washington, like other states in the US, is facing a big budget deficit because of the 2008 economic crisis.

Lawmakers have been looking for different ways to improve the state budget but they have been unsuccessful so far. Other states in the US have utilized gaming expansion as a new source of revenue and the additional money have helped sole the budget gaps.

The gaming machines that the Recreational Gaming Association is proposing would feature scratch-off type games. The group said that the possible revenue from the machines are estimated in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Officials in Washington only need to look on what is happening in California to see the difference that revenue from gaming could make. Legislators in California have become a firm believer of casino gaming that they are currently considering a proposal that would permit online poker in the state.

California would become the first US state to regulate online gaming if state lawmakers will approve the proposal. Representative John Campbell proposed bill on Thursday but it is likely that it will not be discussed by lawmakers immediately.


Ann Pettersson
07/06/2011 08:58 PM