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Timeline of Kansas Casino Project Announced

On April 18, 2007, the Kansas Lottery Commission announced their time table on what will happen with the construction of the first ever gambling casino market which is to be state owned.

Many questions remain without a definite answer, including the issue of whether the 7 casino plan that was ratified by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will weather a stiff, constitutional challenge. However, it clearly shows that the gambling proposal in Kansas has started rolling and is gaining momentum. Under state law, the lottery is given 30 days. In addition, the Kansas Register, presents the rules and guidelines of how applicants can bid to acquire a state casino management contract.

Up to 4 business organizations will be chosen to operate 4 state owned lottery gaming establishments that are located in Wyandotte County, Ford County, and either the Crawford Counties or the Cherokee Counties in the Southeast Region and either on the Sedgwick or the Sumner Counties in Wichita.

The rules will also give a deadline for the application of the state casino management. The Lottery Commission is given 90 days to either approve or reject the applicants' requirements or negotiate a contract with each of the applicants.


06/27/2007 22:10 PM
Richard Kennedy